The MRI project team uses a hands-on, results-oriented approach to problem solving and achieves project goals through a blend of in-depth construction experience, practical business sense, and proactive management style. We treat each project as if it were for our account by assigning a corporate officer as the hands-on Project Leader and primary contact person. The MRI team has written and negotiated millions of square feet of design contracts and millions of dollars in construction contracts. We do not bring in senior management just to win the project and then assign the work to junior staff. Our key personnel is the one on the front line with each client, all the way to the project’s successful completion.


Senior team members are graduate architects and engineers with the experience to overcome project time and resource constraints. Virtually all of our projects have fast-track schedules, so we excel in leading project teams to produce cost effective solutions and meeting deadlines. MRI utilizes the latest in project management and scheduling software to keep the project team on track and up-to-date with current information.